Apache Lake, Arizona (Photo Shoot)

Apache Lake is a gorgeous 17 miles stretch of water located in Arizona. This lake is approximately 68 miles northeast of Phoenix and sits between Canyon Lake and Roosevelt Lake. If you are ever in Arizona and have a long weekend to go either boating, fishing, and/or camping, I would highly recommend making a drive to this lake. I will be posting a video of my experience and the beauty of this lake very soon, so stay tuned!

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Officially a Commercial Drone Pilot!

This is a service announcement! 

This morning I passed Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations for Unmanned Aircrafts (drones) exam, which means I can legally  use my drone for commercial use!

I am very excited to start this business venture and to see where it will end up taking me 🌎. This also means if any one would like to purchase stock video or photos from my previous videos/photos,  you can! Just shoot me an email and I will be very happy to assist you with an estimated price. 

On a side note… my next video will be of Michigan and will be released by next week! 

Happy Halloween 🎃