Black Medicine | Monsoon Rain (Music Video)

Hey there!

I have produced, directed and edited the following music video for Black Medicine!

This band will be releasing their new album by June 9th 2017, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it on iTunes.

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For more music by Black Medicine please visit Sound Cloud.

Music Producer Frank Bair

Half-Broke Town (Video)

Half-Broke Town

Half-Broke Town is Tucson’s newest soul folk project incorporating street music, blues and hip-hop influences – sort of like Nina Simone met Jimmy Hendrix and hired a violinist.

I hope you enjoyed the video and be sure to check out this awesome band via Soundcloud.
~On a side note, this footage was obtained during #SecondSaturday on Congress and Scott in Tucson, AZ. Every month Tucson holds a local event called Second Saturday where Tucson vendors and the general public meet to celebrate the Tucson community. This event includes live music, entertainment, food and shopping. I highly recommend this event to anyone living in or visiting Tucson, AZ.~