Brazen Stir / A Sonoran Pop Up Show

Brazen Stir

Live Music. Live Recording.

Filming location: University of Arizona.

For more music by Brazen Stir follow the link!

Jacob Acosta Band / A Sonoran Pop Up Show

A Sonoran Pop Up Show

I have created a new series called “A Sonoran Pop Up Show”. This series will feature local musicians playing their own music live in unique locations.  The idea is simple; live music, live recording, share the moment.

I fell in love with this concept in college after viewing a series called A Take Away Show on Youtube.  Finally, after 5 years of procrastination, I have finally come to the point of making it a reality.

 I want to give a big thanks to the Jacob Acosta Band for being the first musicians in this series!



Please visit this talented band’s website for more music and information of upcoming shows via this link Jacob Acosta Band.