Officially a Commercial Drone Pilot!

This is a service announcement!  This morning I passed Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations for Unmanned Aircrafts (drones) exam, which means I can legally  use my drone for commercial use! I am very excited to start this business venture and to see where it will end up taking me 🌎. This also meansContinue reading “Officially a Commercial Drone Pilot!”

Registering Your Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS)

First things first. The first thing I did when I bought my DJI Phantom 4, even before reading the instruction manual, or devouring YouTube videos on how to fly this beautiful drone, was to register this drone to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). According to the FAA ; “Anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft thatContinue reading “Registering Your Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS)”