Hello there!

My name is Garrett. I am a 26 year old, alumni of the University of Arizona, and a Tucson local for 15 + years.

I aspire to produce, direct, and edit original content that entertains, and expands the perspective of audience members and consumers through the use of “drones”, as well as, other cinematic tools. 

Content that I intend to create include and is not limited to;

  • Real Estate photography and videos
  • Self awareness and meditative videos
  • Social Media and Marketing Campaigns
  • Tourism and Hiking Promotion Videos
  • General Events
  • Construction and Building Inspections
  • Agriculture and 3d Mappings

I am a certified Unmanned Aircraft System (“Drone”) pilot which means I am legally allowed to fly my drone for commercial purposes as of October 31st 2016.

For inquires:

Cell Phone: 520-279-7943 

Email: gbdrone7@gmail.com 

Payments will be accepted via: Check or paypal.me/gbdrone