Officially a Commercial Drone Pilot!

This is a service announcement! 

This morning I passed Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations for Unmanned Aircrafts (drones) exam, which means I can legally  use my drone for commercial use!

I am very excited to start this business venture and to see where it will end up taking me ūüĆé. This also means if any one would like to purchase stock video or photos from my previous videos/photos,  you can! Just shoot me an email and I will be very happy to assist you with an estimated price. 

On a side note… my next video will be of Michigan and will be released by next week! 

Happy Halloween ūüéÉ

Chicago // A Take Away Trip (Video) 

‚ÄúGoing to Chicago was like going out of the world‚ÄĚ

-Muddy Waters-


Hey Everybody!

This video presents the gorgeous city of Chicago, Illinois!

I want to thank the city of Chicago, my cousins, and my cousin’s friends for such a memorable experience. It was a true success.

This video will be part of a new series that I am producing called ‚ÄúA Take Away Trip‚ÄĚ. This series will present three cities. The mission of this series is for the viewer to take a virtual tour of each city without ever leaving the comfort of one‚Äôs chair. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Musician: Louis Armstrong

Song: On the Sunny Side of the Street

Please feel free to share this post and thank you for your continuous support!

It was a pleasure to meet you Chicago and best of luck winning the World Series!

Chicago Photo Shoot

Hey friends!

I have returned back from my 12 day trip in Chicago and Michigan. What a trip it was! I have accumulated hours of media content and I plan to present my first video of Chicago by next week!

I want to personally thank the city of Chicago for such an amazing time and being so drone friendly.

A quick story; after flying my drone for 20 minutes by the River Walk in downtown Chicago, just outside of the very delicious restaurant called, Tiny Hatt , I received applauses from a crowd of individuals once I landed my drone. Afterwards, I spoke to a handful of individuals about the drone, who were very kind and excited to see the drone in action. So, thank you Chicago for your warm welcoming!

Also I would like to thank my 2 cousins and their lovely friends for taking me in and showing me an extraordinary time.

Below, you will find a preview of some of my favorite photos I took in Chicago. I hope you enjoy!



Title: Soaring through Chicago 


Title: Trumped Up Trickle Down Economics  


Title: Bless You


Title: The Tourist 


Title: 24 Hour Carnival 


Title: The Bird 


Thank you for your continuous support and please stay tuned for my upcoming video of Chicago.

“The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who‚Ķlooked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space‚Ķon the infinite highway of the air.”- Wilbur Wright

Photo Shoot of Puerto Pe√Īasco, Mexico and Update on Next Adventure

Below you will find some of my favorite photos I took in¬†Puerto Pe√Īasco, Mexico!

Thank you for your continuous support and I hope you enjoy the photo shoot.

Title: The American Dream


Title: The Selfie


Title: The Size of the Universe 


Title: Beaching 


Title: Tranquility 



A Quick Update on My Next Adventures!

For the next 2 weeks I will be traveling in Chicago, IL and Detroit, Michigan! Thus, I will be frequently posting on Instagram. Please feel free to follow me!

Once I return, I will be posting multiple videos of my travel trip which I promise will not dissapoint.


“Life is either a great adventure or nothing”- Helen Keller